Sunday, July 24, 2016

Latest on what's happening with myelashCurler ~ a new and innovative beauty tool for curling eyelashes

Greetings myelashCurler friends, fans and followers:

It's been a little over a month since my last post on myelashCurler FB page.

You can imagine the late nights working on my invention (after my full-time day job) has not only been rewarding and challenging but has brought me feelings of accomplishment, including a whole lot of exciting and interesting learning experiences and surprises.

Latest on what's happening with myelashCurler:

As you may already know, planning, research and development (R+D) are crucial when inventing a product. I'm proud to say that at this point, I've pretty much completed the first two phases of my invention.

After quite a few plastic 3D prototypes, I'm getting very close to making the final stainless steel prototype, but still not there yet. My latest 3D plastic prototype arrived last week, and I must say it's coming along nicely. With a few more modifications ~hopefully only 1 or 2 more plastic 3D protypes~I should be ready to have the final prototype made in stainless steel.

The next step in the process (after producing the final stainless steel prototype) is the evaluation phase ~this is where I test the product, evaluate, and generate awareness and early sales (most likely through a crowd funding such as kickstarter, indiego, etc. Still a few months away until the final stainless prototype and then just a few more milestones away.

Meanwhile, I learned a lot during this process especially the importance of research, development, and most of all patience and persistence. I hope to have more information and post it here within the next few weeks.

Wishing you beautiful and healthy eyelashes.

Happy eyelashcurling,

Inventor of myelashCurler

The revolutionary myelashCurler is a newly created, high-end, professional quality eyelash curler with a unique, open design that makes curling eyelashes gentle and seamless ~ no more pinched skin or accidentally pulled or cut lashes.
Unique open design features durable silicone insert pad and an entirely different orientation for curling eyelashes. Intuitive, revolutionary design makes curling eyelashes so seamless you can probably curl your lashes without using a mirror. Elegant design is unique and easy to use.
Open environment (no more caged in lashes)! You simply curl lashes but mechanism is an open and gentle environment --unlike conventional  eyelash curlers, where your fist is pressing against your cheek, and obstructing you from seeing what you're doing.
You (or your make-up artist/cosmetician) decide how you want to curl your lashes ~   myelashCurler has an open environment, and your hand never needs to press against your cheeks or block your eyes from seeing what you are doing.
You can blow dry the silicone/rubber insert pad to add a heating feature and/or apply eyelash serum and then curl lashes to strengthen, etc.

As a shopaholic and fan of beauty, Gloria spent years curling her eyelashes until 2011 when her pinched skin and pulled eyelashes finally had enough. She felt that curling eyelashes should be a seamless, gentle experience and out of concern sought alternative eyelash curling methods -- trying spoons, hairpins, clips, tweezers, tongs, whatever, to find a gentler, effective way to curl eyelashes. Her experimentation resulted in her very own hand-made prototype from bending and shaping thin aluminum pieces ultimately fashioning what would become the first, obstruction-free, open-environment, professional quality, eyelash curler -- "myelashCurler."

As a former marketing and communications executive for major publishers and global corporations (CBS Records, Newsweek, Consumers Union, Ms. Magazine, Time Inc., McGraw-Hill), Gloria has an affinity for providing creative solutions, and for producing quality communications and specialty videos that generate awareness. Besides inventing for fun, in her spare time, she blogs, writes poetry, and haiku (In 1999 she published "The Painting Ballerina," a short story about a young girl who invents a new art form, "paint-dancing."). Gloria enjoys long walks, watching sunsets at beaches, digital photography, cooking, and dining with friends. Gloria's successful and fulfilling marketing career has provided her opportunities to meet CEOs, senior executives and interview business leaders, pop icons, entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities, artists, philanthropists and politicians at various fundraiser and non-profit events. Videos on YouTube